We, TANAKA Shuzoten Inc.,
have inherited over 200 years of traditional brewing methods (yamahai and kimoto brewing), with the use of quality rice and water. Our adherence to handmade sake such as making koji by koji tray method, using a traditional tub (koshiki) to steam rice, and applying cedar warmer for shubo making etc., motivating us to produce an "assertive sake texture" to gain continuous trust and love from local community to demonstrate the true will of "Manatsuru".
We hope to go back to the origin of sake brewing with the revival of kimoto brewing. Our aim is to review sake brewing from the ground up, polishing the traditional techniques and learning while continuing the research and development of new sake in line with diversifying consumer needs.

About our Company

NameTANAKA Shuzoten Inc.
Founding Year1789
Chief Executive Officer Mr. Toshihiko Tabata
Type of BusinessSake Brewery
Address 88-1 Nishimachi, Kami, Kami District, Miyagi Prefecture (Zip code 981-4251)


Awarding History

Kan Sake Award
2016 Affordable Kan (Warmed Sake) Category Best Gold Award Manatsuru Honjozo
Slow Food Japan
The Fifth Warmed Sake Award 2013
Premium Warmed Sake Category Gold Award Manatsuru Kimoto Tokubetsu Junmai
Toji(Brew master), Excellent Skill Award 2010
Year New Sake Appraisers Association of Japan Sake Appraisers Association of Miyagi Sake Appraisers Association of Tohoku
2014 Gold Award Chief Award of Miyagi Industrial Technology Institute
2012     Distinct Award
2011 Gold Award Miyagi Governor Award Distinct Award
2010 Gold Award Miyagi Governor Award Distinct Award