Kami district in Miyagi Prefecture is located in the rich fertile plain, moistened with snow melting water from Ohu Mountain Range. Tanaka Shuzoten was founded by the most famous kimono businessman of Date clan, Mr. Tanaka Rinpei in 1789 in this leading rice production area where sake brewing is prosperous.

Tanaka Shuzoten stands on the Nakashinden area of Kami district, also known as famous sake-brewing district to those in the known. Quality sake brewing is recognized in Miyagi prefecture as most of the breweries are awarded with the Gold Prize from the New Sake Appraisers Association of Japan. This area is said to be the place for high level Ginjo production.

Daiginjo "Kinmon Manatsuru" is the masterpiece of our brewery, receiving the Gold Award from the New Sake Appraisers Association of Japan in 2009, 2010 and 2013. We are proud to be committed to the traditional brewing methods for over 230 years since our establishment. Enthusiastic support from sake lovers are gained throughout the country because of our adherence and experienced skills in brewing.

Rice grown in Miyagi Prefecture, underflow water from Ohu Mountain Range, and most importantly the sake brewery workers are all locals. With their sound local knowledge, the brewery workers are sensitive to the change of climate every year to adjust for the best sake. The brew master ,as known as toji, strives for excellence day by day just to hear the word "delicious" from you.

Tanaka Shuzoten is challenging a variety of new initiatives and its efforts have borne fruit in 2009. That is the revival of "Kimoto" brewing for the first time in 67 years. This is a big challenge even for toji who is experienced in brewing for many years. Kimoto Jumai-shu is finally made by trial and error after digging out the literature in Edo era. It has a mild acidity and firm taste, which umami is spreading all over the mouth with a think texture despite the enormous workload.

For now, Tanaka Shuzoten is the only brewery to make "Kimoto" sake in Miyagi Prefecture since the revival of kimoto brewing. Junmai Ginjo "Amane" is a product collaborated with a ryokan in Higashi Naruko Onsen in Miyagi Prefecture, showing our effort for the raise of corporate value. This is actually a "music sake" which original "Lullaby of sake" written by local songwriter is played during the 4-month aging process. The mellowness of sake with original melody of local musician successfully resonating a number of customers.

Furthermore, "Manahime" Junmai-shu is made by rice of Miyagi Prefecture called "Manamusume" and yeast developed by the prefecture with the name of "Manami" . This wine-like sake was exported to Spain and Portugal and gained high popularity overseas.

There is a recent trend to re-organize the sake brewing process, in which many sake breweries are sacrificing the sake texture for a lesser brewing effort. Unlike them, Tanaka Shuzoten continues to make traditional sake. We hope to continue the efforts in raising corporate value and we are proud to spread out the sake culture to more people over the world.